Do you wish to launch your career as a Cosmetologist and start earning early in life, or you are a beautician who wants to take her career to the next level? With Diploma in Cosmetology at ics you can acquire professional skills in beauty, hair and makeup and take the first step in the booming beauty and wellness industry of India. The demand for certified cosmetologists is high in the country as well as abroad, and with a Diploma in Cosmetology from beauty industry leader ics, you will have the right skillset and a valuable diploma to your credit.

Beauty is skin-deep, and during the seven-month Diploma in Cosmetology you will learn about physiology and histology of skin, skin analysis, how microorganisms disrupt our skin, what is cosmetic science and what are different skin/nail diseases and disorders. The course begins with beauty basics like shaping of eyebrows, bleach, cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage steps and facial masks, and concludes with hands-on training on basic and paraffin facials, manicures, pedicures and superficial hair removal techniques. After learning these beauty skills you will be a pro at nurturing serene, radiant and smooth skin for your clients.

On the hair front, you’ll be introduced to hair dressing, anatomy of hair and scalp, various hair disorders, besides basics like shampoo and conditioning, sectioning, and Indian head massage. You’ll also be trained on preparation and maintenance of the work area, hygiene, sanitation & sterilization, health, safety, hazards and risks while working in a salon setting. By the end of the training you’ll be an expert hair dresser who’s well versed with thermal styling techniques like ironing, crimping, tonging, hot rollers setting, blow drying techniques, velcro rollers setting and waving. You’ll learn more than 11 haircuts including straight cut, U-cut, V-cut, hair trimming, removing split ends, basic layer, feather, reverse graduation, blunt cut (baby girl), basic bob cut (female), and over comb (basic male cut). Keeping up with the latest trends in hairstyles, you will learn the craft of making over 15 different styles of braids, hair buns, and front styles. The Diploma in Cosmetology also covers hair coloring and henna application, besides herbal treatment for lustrous and problem-free hair.

Beauty without a touch of glitz and glamour is incomplete, and so is a cosmetologist or beautician who doesn’t possess the art of makeup. During the Diploma in Cosmetology at ics, you’ll not only learn self-makeup for day and evening look, but also learn about color theory, foundation theory, usage of different products, tools and equipment, besides understanding different face shapes. By the time you’ll wrap up the course, you’ll become an expert makeup artist in corrective make-up (nose, eyes, lips), day dew natural look / glossy look, day party / evening look, engagement / shagun look, reception look, Indian ethnic bridal look day/ night and eye lash application as well as groom makeup.