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The educational programs offered at the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BEAUTY provide students with advance knowledge and experience , in the challenging environment and learning atmosphere. The school is designed to maximize the students opportunity for success in these exciting career fields and the quality of the facilities are evident in the classrooms and practical labs . The curriculum provided by the core staff is supplemented regularly by the use of guest artists and , lecturers and trainers with proven expertise in virtually all areas of cosmetology industry and special periodic surprise incentive rewards , for the students who really has spark to unite the world with their scintillating experience.


Mr. Vishal

At the outset , I would like to express our gratitude for the trust you placed in ICS(INTERNATIONAL COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL) . This is a golden age for career education .

Developing such skills and attitude not only requires dedication and hard work on part of students but also proper guidance and training from mentors .

The talent and energy which our students possess need to be nurtured ,shaped and channeled in the right direction. Our combined efforts would bring out not only the best in their careers , but the best in their lives .
I am continuously making efforts to impart best education to students and years to come.

Finally ,I sum up by saying that our main objective is to model this establishment as a center of excellence for students wishing to choose their career path in field of cosmetology.


Priyanka Sehdev

International Cosmetology School ,where cosmetology related education is rendered to beautiful students to frame their beautiful career. I feel fortunate to be an important part of this group which is genuinely involved in authenticating the lives of all those involved in it .

We provide an educational environment that provides a complete curriculum , based In the field of cosmetology ,Arts and sciences which will ensure that all students receive quality professional training, fulfilling all requirements ,providing advance educational classes to include product knowledge ,consumer safety and education and ethical behavior all done with the goal of producing highly trained , dedicated and fully qualified professionals who will meet the needs of the diverse population within our desert communities.

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